Client Work

I’ve worked as an agency creative since 2000, delivering successful (and sometimes award-winning) work for a wide array of clients.

Here are a few favorite projects. Some are more clever than others. What they all have in common is strategic intent and results, not to mention relevance. Otherwise why would I be sharing them here?

I hope you enjoy the concepts, copy and commentary.

Three produced radio spots supporting print and digital campaigns.
Telling stories via the theater of the imagination never gets old. 

Unique direct mail piece touting inside-out crop protection.

NAMA award-winning page ad for a consumer research client.


A brand video for the ag client with radio and direct mail above. 
In addition to this video, I worked up their new brand messaging.

Another brand video, this time promoting a newly merged ag co-op serving Indiana and Michigan. It was totally worth the 3:00 a.m. call time to capture that opening sunrise.

This apple client asked for an infomercial, so that’s what they got.
My dreams of late-night cable TV stardom are closer than ever.

DreamWorks Animation provided the animation for this fun little vid.
I have a thing for working within limitations. Because it happens.

This apple client video was culled from a considerably longer video. New music and voiceover helped tell an entirely different story.

Yet another apple promotional video featuring repurposed animation.

A junior page ad for an insecticide treatment to keep cattle free of ticks and other pests. I also have a thing for old-school ad layouts.

Screen Shot 2020-04-24 at 9.44.55 AM

Cottonseed. It’s what’s for dinner, if you’re a dairy cow.


Inspired by da Vinci and one of the oldest cliches in the books.


Alfalfa weevil larvae can really cost a farmer. Now you know.

An ad for a design lecture, based on the lone photograph provided by the featured speaker. It’s also great advice for agency creatives.

From a consumer ad campaign also intended to empower agents.
I’m a big fan of aspirational messaging that works superheroically.

A promotional e-blast driving multi-customer in-store visits.
Not every client will let you play with their name, so I had to do it when I had the chance.

I drink more tea than coffee, so this series of tins was the perfect packaging project for me. It was the tastiest research I’ve ever done.


Ad from a medical device launch campaign simplifying and sassifying client messaging. Sass is relative.


Another BD medical device launch, targeting sales teams and HCPs.
Motion graphics and screen supes do the heavy lifting in this one.

Beer. Branding. What’s not to like? That this client decided against
this new bottle design and merchandising almost drove me to drink.

Promotional motion graphics for broadcast at Canterbury Park. 
This is another client I served from brand story out.

This community awareness campaign delivered 400% above and beyond projections. That’s worth a salute, too, if you ask me.

A feel-good fundraising brochure with invaluable stories to tell.
I’m not often accused of being overly sentimental, but this book
made a client cry.

This heartfelt rebranding effort started with their story, as any effective rebranding should.

Screen Shot 2021-08-21 at 10.57.32 AM

Bargain breakfast cereal branding as great as the outdoors. Inspiration struck during a Rocky Mountain camping trip. 

A heavy-lifting brand video for a manufacturing software client. Honestly, I’m not sure I understood everything I scripted here.

B2B. B2C. CPG. SEO. KPI. Email me if you have a job that requires my particular way with complete ideas/words.

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