DUCK! (book)


You had your chance to own several small pieces of Brian’s literary history. Your loss.

DUCK! brought together 100+ pages of his best jokes, poems and short stories.

Only in the pages of DUCK! would you find:
• Poems about the Marx Brothers, the Buddha and cartoon superhero Underdog
• The best of his hilarious jokey jokes from McSweeney’s Internet Tendency, METRO and Twin Cities comedy stages
• Helpful tips for making soup and/or being the best werewolf you can be
• An erotic letter to the editors of Popular Mechanics
• A story dictated by Brian’s hound Hurley

What didn’t Brian include?
• The outdated story he published in Seventeen when he was an artiste
• His controversial journalistic exposé of right-wing pundit Ann Coulter
• All those boring narrative poems he published in lit mags 1989-1999
• An author photo


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