Brian Beatty’s Bio

Brian is the author of four collections of poetry.

His writing has appeared in All Music Guide, Arts Indiana, The Bark, The Big Jewel, Blues Revue, City Pages, CutBank, Elephant Journal, elimae, The Evergreen Review, Gigantic, Glasgow Review of Books, Guitar World Acoustic, Guffaw, Gulf Coast, Hobart, Juked, Lake Country Journal, McSweeney’s,METRO, Midwestern Gothic,, Monkeybicycle, The Moth, Opium, Paper Darts, Phoebe, Publishers Weekly, The Quarterly, Rain Taxi, The Rake, Raw Art Review, Revolver, Seventeen, The Sycamore Review, The Writer, Urthona and Yankee Pot Roast.

He’s performed comedy at the 331 Club, Art Shanties Project 2010, Bedlam Theatre, Brave New Workshop, Bryant Lake Bowl, Club Jager, Dangerous Man Brewing, Honey, KFAI’s Listening Lounge, MPR’s Fitzgerald Theater, The Hollywood Improv, 2010 and 2011 Minnesota Fringe Festivals, Nomad World Pub, Northern Spark 2013, Northrop Memorial Auditorium, The Playwrights’ Center, The Ritz Theater, The Soap Factory, Teatro Zuccone, Triple Rock Social Club, Trylon Microcinema, The Turf Club, Walker Art Center, Widespot Performing Arts Center, Wild River Festival, WMSE’S Wild Wild Midwest Variety Show and the Woman’s Club of Minneapolis.

For two years Brian hosted “You Are Hear,” a monthly literary podcast, for, a joint project of the Walker Art Center and the McKnight Foundation.

“One of my favorite Minneapolis comics. Odd, endearing, adored by hipsters and Wobegonians alike.”  —Maria Bamford

“If spoken poetry is stand-up comedy, and laughter the bent verse of the divine — distilling all truth from its straightest lines — then Brian Beatty is a church elder: passing the basket, shoeing the shoeless, and helping the bearded ladies to their rightful pew. I’m hoping he might get me a date with that one in the blue hat.”  —Joe Henry

“Dad said Carl Sandburg was the only poet he understood. I’m starting to feel that way about Brian Beatty.”  —Bil Lepp

“A comedy force wrapped in a riddle trapped in a paradox dressed in a bear suit.”  —McSweeney’s Internet Tendency

“Weird, dark, twisted, hilarious.”  —METRO Magazine

“Brian Beatty works with both a scalpel and a hammer. He’s a dry wit who isn’t above the occasional bawdy one-liner.”  —Dessa

“Brian Beatty is totally dreamy. Especially if you sleep like I do — with the aid of awesome prescription drugs.”  —Colleen Kruse

“I never recommend things done by people who defeat me in Literary Death Matches, but if you miss Brian’s show you will have made a serious fucking mistake.”  —John Jodzio

“Brian does more in four lines than most of us do by five p.m.” —Opium Magazine

“A one-man hootenanny. You never know what you’re going to get, but it’s always entertaining!”  —Mary Mack

“The Matsuo Basho of American comedy.”  —Dylan Brody

“There’s something for everyone here, and also something likely to make everyone squirm…This show is honest, raw and smart. Brian is forging a new frontier that’s a little hard to define; it both is and isn’t stand-up, memoir, storytelling, improv, and performance art (this guy can work a bear suit). Awesome.” —Kate Hoff, TC Daily Planet

“A wonderfully dry, funny, and smart show that had me howling.”  —Mo Perry, Minnesota Playlist

“Brian Beatty’s luscious storytelling voice is like listening to a beautifully drunk Garrison Keillor.”  —Rebekah Rentzel, Minnesota Playlist

“He’s got good quotes, but anyone willing to buy someone a drink can get a good quote.” —Fringe 2010 Audience Member Gary

Brian’s been bearded since college. 1991, to be exact. In other words, it’s not a phase he’s going through. Contact Brian by email at brianbeattympls AT gmail DOT com.

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