A new poem.


Editors aren’t showing much interest in this new poem of mine, so here it is. Because that’s possible in 2013. (The photo is of British stand-up comedian/storyteller Daniel Kitson, who in no way inspired the poem.)



Brian Beatty


He found it hilarious to tell balloons,

“Don’t hold your breath.”

Maybe because he too was empty inside

and at the same time incapable of containing

his own hot air. Or there was another

explanation seized upon

by the scientific community

in which he had zero faith/friends:

People near him often noticed a quiet hiss

(though they never smelled any odor)

that was determined — by rigorous experiment —

to be the truth escaping him the moment

he dared to start a conversation.


This fart of honesty typically disappeared

on the next breeze, no matter how slight.

And afterwards everyone would wonder

what was safe to believe and what was not.


Two site updates in the same week is unprecedented around here. Don’t count on it happening again.

A new poem.

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