Some Q’s that I’ve A’d.

I’m aware the headline of this post is all manner of wrong in the apostrophe department, Officer Grammar. I’m taking creative liberty, just like I do sometimes when folks ask me questions that I choose to answer.

Back in 2006, when I was just beginning my missionary joke-writing for McSweeney’s Internet Tendency,
I talked to Matthew Simmons. At least he’s gone on to great things.

Poet, photographer and artist Peter Schwartz talked to me in 2009 for the online literary/arts mag Prate.

French teacher, writer, performer and blogger extraordinaire Michele Campbell kicked off her Life of Art series with this Q&A.

My most recent online interview was for the wonderful people at and The Walker Art Center. They tricked my favorite bookstore out of me, among other juicy tidbits.

Four interviews in about five years. That borders on media harassment, if you ask me.

Some Q’s that I’ve A’d.

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