Every job is an acting job.

I’m less busy than usual, but exponentially more stressed out of my mind.

That’s the only excuse I have for neglecting my reader.

Acting is hard. Dialogue does not stick to my brain, it turns out. I’ve never been the kind of guy to memorize sets or stories word-for-word. When not working directly from a script or set list, I’ve always outlined what I planned to perform, then talked loosely around that vaguely memorized outline.

This has turned me into a rambling, inconsistent stage performer. Or a shambolic, authentic charmer, if you happen to enjoy what I do.

My difficulties with the acting craft made me appreciate all the more Will Eno’s “Oh the Humanity and Other Good Intentions” when I saw The Peanut Butter Factory’s current production of it at Intermedia Arts. Christopher Kehoe, Mo Perry and Matt Sciple made Eno’s abstract, existential jokes sing with equal measures of dark comedy and genuine vulnerability.

That’s why I pitched the production for an MPR Art Hounds segment. Besides the fact that I love radio.

I could now promise to update this site more often once I’m done with the Fringe, but that would go against my commitment phobias. Let’s just take this as it goes and see what happens. We’re both grown-ups.

Every job is an acting job.

What’s new, what’s next and what’s not.

Rehearsals for “Once Upon a Time in the Suburbs” begin soon. The Ferrari McSpeedy production for this year’s Minnesota Fringe, this hilarious play will be my first “acting” gig. I’ve said many things on many stages, but never anything written by other people in the U of M Rarig Center Thrust Theater.

Fortunately, Joe Bozic and Mike Fotis are funny dudes. Smart dudes, too. They’ve (type)cast me as a cranky coot. That I can handle. I’ll also be playing original banjo ditties in the show. Because I’m incapable of playing other people’s banjo ditties. Anywhere, anytime.

Between now and August, I’ll be recording audio versions of my two stories about squirrels for a project I’ll post more about later, after it’s been officially announced to the world. Or at least the Twin Cities arts and parks communities.

I’ve got a couple of new stories in the works, which means I’ll be distracted by new poem ideas any minute.

Finally, the gf and I are preparing for our Scotland visit in late August, which means developing a taste for haggis and/or heroin.

What’s new, what’s next and what’s not.