Here’s what you missed.

So last week I performed half an hour of old and new material at The Brutenanny. I played a few banjo and guitar ditties, too.

That’s not detailed enough for you, you say. Well, I made fun of children, liberals, conservatives, reality TV’s Kardashian sisters and, mostly, myself. I hope you’re happy now.

The Cub Scouts and the audience’s discomfort with my comedic point-of-view were also critiqued.

And when the closing joke of my set turned out not to go as planned, I detailed my own rudeness to a dude in a wheelchair earlier that evening, a mean little story that I made up for easy laughs. Then, after my set was over, I learned that there had, indeed, been a dude in a wheelchair out in front of the bar before the show.

I’d not seen him. Maybe the camouflage he was wearing in my made-up story worked better than I thought.

By way of comparison, I tell a terrifying true story on the latest episode of Mike Fotis‘s podcast for METRO, Story Time Explosion.

Here’s what you missed.

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